“What kind of town do you guys live in?”

Both Jason and I heard this phrase a few times from friends and family. DeForest might be the unofficial home of giant fiberglass animals. Even Windsor joined in on the fun with a giant mouse sitting on top of a roof enjoying a wedge of cheese.

“So is the school’s mascot a pink elephant?” a friend of ours asked us a few months ago.

“No, it’s actually a little Norwegian guy. They’re called the DeForest Norskies. That’s just Pinky.”

“Pinky” has been at the Citgo station for about 50 years. I’m not sure if Pinky is his legal given name, but that is what I and many friends of mine have always called him.

When I was a kid, every time we would stop there my sisters and I would run over and say “Hi Pinky” and take turns sitting in the crook of his trunk. Just like Dumbo did. I even had a bumper sticker of Pinky that I slapped on my suitcase.

Pinky the pink elephant has had a few owners; and has even had a some work done along with a makeover or two. When I was a kid, Pinky wore sunglasses and was in bad need of a paint job. Nowadays, Pinky seems to back to the shade a pink that is just so him and now wears precision glasses. See, even pink elephant eyes get bad.

There was talk about Pinky being moved out of state when the Citgo station was closed. I for one think Pinky is a part of DeForest history and should stay here. Plus Sissy the cow would get very lonely without her friend Pinky.

If you have any photos of “Pinky” the pink elephant they gladly would like a copy for the wall of fame that is located inside the gas station.

When I was in college, I was a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding and she just loves elephants. The whole wedding party got in the limo and drove to the Citgo station to take a photo with Pinky. I had to laugh because my dress was the same shade of Pink as my dear friend Pinky.



Pinky DS





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