Family Reunion

Now is the time of year that family reunions come around. Last month was my turn. To know what kind of reunion that I went to I have to explain that my mom’s side is huge. Have you ever seen the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding?” That’s small potatoes compared to what we have. My grandfather was from a large family, and they all decided to have large families. My mother grew up with 6 sister and 7 brothers. Most of her bothers and sisters have a least two kids. Now my cousins are passing the torch and having kids. We have to drive about an hour and half to Rudolph it’s just north of Wisconsin Rapids. This is where my grandfather grew up. The reunion is held at a park up there. Yes, a park! The first thing that you have to do at the Big Fat Dutch Family Reunion is get a name tag. I like to call it the mini family tree; the reason being that it’s not just your name on the name tag but who your grandfather or grandmother is and then your parents’ names and lastly, your name. An example of this would […]
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Victor’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Victor! It’s been one year since I picked you out from all the others. This last year is when I brought you home. Who is Victor you ask? Simple. He’s my car. Yes, I named my car. The reason why I had to get Victor was I was in a car wreck and totaled my other one. It happened when we had a huge snow storm the night before and I was driving on Highway 51 heading to work. Kinda like the one we had last Wednesday. I reached the DeForest turn off and I was breaking to turn when my car skidded and did a 180 degree spin in the turning lane. My boyfriend Jason was behind me in his truck I was trying to stop in time, but everything was just moving super fast. I saw his face looking at me. He had two options. Options No. 1: Hit my car that was in the turn lane; or option No. 2: Hit someone still going straight a make it a pile up. He picked option No. 1 and I’m very grateful for it. I guess I should mention that I drove a typical college student car, […]
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